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It's not impossible. You don't have to write a book on the subject to make an impact on the Internet either.

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You may be asking, "If I'm not going to be selling a book, what could I possibly be offering?"

There's a way that you can give customers much more value than you could ever give them with a book or any other kind of training aid....

What could this be?

Becoming A Personal Mentor For Huge Profits!

Being a personal mentor is nothing more than teaching a person or persons something that you're good at. This can be anything.

If you're a good gardener, swimmer or driver you can teach these things to people for profit!

I want you to take just a second and imagine that you are out searching for a product to buy on how to effectively catch rainbow trout (which is a fish).

You come across two products. One is a book and the other is a personal mentoring program.

With the book, you get the book and a couple of small reports as a bonus and that's it.

With the personal mentoring, you get a personal mentor that is there personally to guide you to the success you want.

It's plain to see that the personal mentorship is going to be much more valuable to you.

Obviously you'd want someone watching what you're doing and telling you when you're making a mistake or doing something right, etc.

With a book, you don't know if you're making a mistake.

You Can Teach Long Horn Cattle Ranching, Web Design, or even Internet Marketing With Your Own Mentorship & Make A Serious Amount Of Money, While Teaching What You Already Know!

There are no limits to what you can teach as a mentor. People are constantly looking for specialized information taught by a person who is viewed as an expert.

If you know how to sew great oven mitts and other household items, you could be a personal mentor!

If you know how to work on power nail guns and how to fix them, you could be a personal mentor!

The key point here is "You can teach anything your heart desires" and chances are, there are people out there that are interested in what you have to offer!

Can you think of a few things that you are good at that you never thought of teaching other people?

I bet you can, we all have things we're good at.

The trick is learning how to turn those skills into cash...

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Now, you may be a bit apprehensive when it comes to being a personal mentor.

After all, how are YOU going to be a personal coach to someone?

Not to worry, this was the basic concept that these secret techniques were created around!

You don't need to have loads of experience or a complicated background in teaching or coaching.  It's all been arranged for you in a system so simple even a child could pass with flying colors...

If you can read and follow directions, you can become a Mentor and attract your own group of protégés for profit, production and fun!

What If I Dread Creating A Product?

Even if you dread creating a product or just don't want to put together a big book or manual, success is still yours for the taking.

Being a mentor isn't like any product that you've been exposed to before. You don't need to create hundreds of pages of text to give your Protégés what they need and want to learn from.

You are offering your mind, your personal time and most importantly, yourself to your Protégés which they will value much more.

So if you've been looking for a way to make a killing with your own product or service but just don't have the time to flesh out a whole product, Mentoring is definitely for you!

Being A Mentor Is As Easy As Following This Plan Of Action

You now have access to a proven plan of action that not only shows you the simple way to become a professional mentor but also how to do this extremely quickly.

You don't need to waste thousands of dollars in investment or hundreds of hours in research and development time.

This blueprint isn't some thrown together piece of content that is just meant to give you a basic understanding of Mentoring. You're going to learn everything you need to get started with a bang and also grow your business.

You don't just want to make a flash in the pan handful of cash do you?

Of course you don't, you want a sustainable income you can count on every month for the rest of your life.

Mentor Fortunes Will Show You How To Find, Profit & Have Fun Teaching A Group Of Your Own Protégés!

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Mentor Fortunes is a new manual that's been developed just for you. You're going to learn how to gain the maximum amount profits from being a Mentor in the minimum amount of time.

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What's Contained Within The Manual?

You're going to learn the real strategies that have worked for me and my clients for years to bring in a huge income.

These secrets aren't for the faint of heart. They are real world, cash producing secrets that will take you from "thinking" about starting up a Mentorship to actually "profiting" from one.

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You Will Learn In Mentor Fortunes?

  • Secret Relationship Tactics Shared Between A Mentor And A Protégé!

  • Little Known "Big Time" Benefits Of Being A Mentor!

  • Hidden Hideouts Of The Most Productive & Profitable Protégés!
  • The Results Oriented Protégé Selection Process That Gets You The Cream Of The Crop!

  • Generating More Production Than You Ever Expected From Your Protégés!
  • Mentor Cycles & How They Provide You With A Never Ending Supply Of Free Assistants!

Would Having A Dozen Or More REAL People Helping You Run Your Business For FREE Help You Make More Money?

The path is already laid out for you, just follow it and you'll get...

  1. Recognition As A "Power House" Expert In Your Market!

  2. Extremely Easy To Accomplish Goals, Results & Profits!
  3. An Army Of People Eager To Make Your Business Profitable!

  4. A Busy Website That Makes Money Even While You Sleep!

Here is a full table of contents of what you are about to learn!

Introduction – The Mentor-Protégé Relationship 5
 What is Mentoring? 5
 A Brief History of Mentoring 6
Chapter 1 – Benefits of a Protégé 8
 It's a Two-Way Street 8
 Sharper skills 8
 A fresh outlook 9
 Free labor 10
 Career development 10
 Higher self-image 11
 Personal satisfaction 12
 Mentoring: Do you have what it takes? 13
 Communication and rapport 13
 Insider information 14
 Experience and balance 14
 Honesty and integrity 15
 Organization 16
Chapter 2 – Benefits to a Protégé 17
Knowledge 17
 New opportunities 17
 A non-threatening learning experience 18
 Improved self-confidence 18
 Challenge 19
 A straighter path to success 19
 Long term relationships and networking opportunities 20
Chapter 3 – Where to Look 21
 Happenstance 21
 Your company 22
 Other companies or industry segments 23
 Mentoring programs 24
 College interns 26
Chapter 4 – Picking a Protégé 29
 Ingredients of a good protégé 29
 Aligning your goals 33
 Background checks—do you need them? 34
 How to check references 34
 The protégé interview 35
 Avoiding lawsuits 39
 Creating a contract with your protégé 40
Chapter 5 – Communication 42
 When, Where, and How: Communication Basics 42
 Accessibility 42
 Primary communication 45
 Regularity 46
 Creating a schedule 46
 Documentation 47
 Fostering Clear Communication 48
 Conversation skills 49
 Personal interface: Your body language 52
 Better written communication 57
Chapter 6 – Working with a Protégé 61
 Stages of a mentorship 61
 Pitfalls of mentoring 62
 Defining goals 64
 Creating a personal vision statement 66
 Making time for mentoring: the balancing act 72
 Drawing the line 73
Chapter 7 – The Exit Strategy 76
 Meeting goals 76
 Moving on 79
 Keeping in touch 79
Chapter 8 – Running Multiples 82
 Diversifying: Different protégés for different purposes 83
 Part time mentoring 84
 Group mentoring 85
Chapter 9 – Lather, Rinse, Repeat 88
 Referrals from your protégés 88
 After-retirement mentoring 89
 Final thoughts 90
 Table of Figures 93
Appendix: How to Be a Professional Altruist 94
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